Great ways to keep your pets busy while you are out!

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 02 August, 2016

It's hard to leave your beloved pets at home when you had to be out and about. It's harder when they are bored, inactive and counting every minutes before you will get home. We want to share some tips to keep your dog occupied with plenty of fun distractions and activities.

  • Freeze cubes of peanut butter or broth and put them in a plastic bottle with some holes in (put tape on edges so that they aren’t hard)

  • Build them their own digging box, bury toys in sand this can keep some dogs busy for hours and helps localise their digging desires.
  • Potentially hire a dog owner. Most destructive behaviour occurs from boredom, ensuring that your dog is not left alone all day will help ensure they stay calm and well behaved.
  • Studies suggest dogs get bored of toys after a certain time. Some dogs will stay interested for a lot longer than others but it is always exciting for them to receive a new toy. Try to mix things up every now and then, when you introduce a new toy you can take one of the old ones a way for a while and then reintroduce it a couple of weeks/days later to have the same affect. You may even want to swap toys with a friend or neighbour as the new scent will add an extra layer of intrigue.
  • Something as simple as a nice view can really make a difference. Being able to watch people on the street or birds in the yard can interest dogs and cats for long periods of time. While basking in the sun in front of the window is many pets favourite place for a nap.

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