Are Your Best Friends Your Pets During Covid?

Posted by Pets Palace Staff on 08 July, 2021

Are Your Best Friends Your Pets During Covid?

Well some would definitely say YES! During covid including  lock-downs, some of the best friends are your pets - your kitty cats and doggos. And guess what? This is the perfect time to get down and dirty, or down and lazy, with your beloved four-legged companions!

best friends petsJust because things can be challenging at them moment and looming lock-downs almost seem a way of life, doesn’t mean we have to buy into the negativity of it all. So important to focus on that which is good and stay as positive, as much as we can. (Dog and Cat Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay)


Our Best Friends Can Be Our Pets

We only want to see you getting down and dirty, or damn cozy, with your loved furry friend! How we see it is you get more time to bond, play and walk your dog, or get snugly and cozy with your kitty cats. We know that it can be a challenging time, but one great thing about this is we see so many of us making the most of the small pleasures of life, like taking your pup out for a walk, spending more time playing fun games with Kitty.

It is these things that bring us joy in our daily lives. Isn't that one of the reasons we have pets? So we have,focused on our pups, kittys and ourselves and acknowledge the good things about this special relationship - pets can be our best friends. So we just want to give some wonderful woofing advice and tips to help keep everyone focused.

Try some new foods!

Take the time to give your pup & kitty the chance to delve into a whole new world of foods! Usually we are too busy and consider a bowl of dry food and the same brand of canned food, is the only way to go. Well let us suggest to you that this is a great time to broaden your pets palate. Even the finicky ones -see how you can tempt them with something different.

And no, it's not all about out pets! You too can cook to your heart's content and if you have a bit more time at home then perhaps it's time for some new recipes!

Variety In Food Provides Better Nutrition

dog and bone

Nutritionally it can be important to give your pet a variety  of food. Different foods have different nutritional content. Maybe try some raw food, a bone, some different high quality canned food to which you can add your own special ingredients.  Or even try making something at home and adding some essential vitamins for that extra healthy kick. Now is the time to explore and for everyone in the family to eat well! Come visit our store or some inspiration and a check out the high quality foods we have for your pets.

Try Some New Pet Toys!

If you’re going to spend time at the park with your pup or at home, why not make it memorable by trying some new toys? We’ve got in stock specific toys to help keep curious dogs and inquisitive cats to help keep them entertained during covid and any lock-down. Dog puzzles for dogs including treats immersed inside? Check out this fun cool treat toy

There are plenty of fun toys for cats - check out this utterly inciting cat treat dispenser

What about playing laser tag with your kitty? So much fun. Just don't shine it on the ceiling!

Focus On The Positive

This is not a cliché. If it is, then it's a really woofing good one. Our pets can be and indeed are among our best friends. So be inspired and spend that quality time with our pets, get some ideas when you come to visit our stores or checkout our online shop. Stay focused on the positives and this most definitely involves our four-legged friends. They can really benefit from our extra love and care.


Summary: Become Best Friends With Your Pets

  1. Use the current circumstances to focus on the care of your pets
  2. Enjoy your pets and you play, walk, care for them
  3. Try some new toys to help stimulate them and keep them happy and occupied
  4. Try different foods, remembering variety will help with nutrition




1: Pic: Dog and Cat Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

2: Pic: Dog and Bone. Image by user2014 from Pixabay.




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