Should I Take my Pet with me on a Holiday?

Posted by William Yap on 13 October, 2016

Travelling With Pets

Planning for a holiday could be dilemmatic at times! Here at Pets Palace we know it’s hard to leave your furry friends when you go away. So we’ve outlined some tips to make holidaying with your pet as smooth as possible.


Whether by air, water or road you need to consider the safety and comfort of your pet. Firstly, check out our travel and accessories page to get some ideas of the equipment you might need, for example, seat belts. 

If you are using public transport, ferries or planes, make sure you have checked with the company to see what their restrictions are. Many flights offer pet travel options (especially on domestic flights) but have specific requirements for the crates used to hold the pet. The good news is that these can be rented instead of buying one and only using it once.


There are plenty of pet-friendly places to stay, especially in Australia. Airbnb and smaller B&Bs are probably your best bet, but it is always worth ringing first to check; even if you’ve stayed there before double check that the rules have not changed. 


There is always the chance that you might want to enjoy some time without your beloved pet, so enquire with your accommodation or search the internet for local companies that offer pet sitting services as well as dog and cat boarding.


New areas will introduce all kinds of new bacteria and threats so talk to your vet before travelling to ensure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and ensure that if they are on any medication, you have enough to last the whole holiday. Additionally, do a quick search before travelling so that you know where your closest vet is and have any documents you may need to present to the new vet if the worst does arise. 


Whether you are looking for relaxation, excitement, culture or scenery, we know you and your pet is going to have the best holiday, enjoy!

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