Are You Bringing a New Feline Home? Here's a Must Read Before You Do

Posted by William Yap on 02 September, 2016

Bringing New Feline Home

There is nothing more exciting than bringing your new feline home, and it can be challenging to introduce your cat to the pets you may have at home already. When bringing a new cat home, you need to have a realistic expectation that not all cats get along. Many cats are territorial and will put out a fight with other pets to make sure no one enters it or takes their territory. This can be very distressing for our beloved felines, so it is important we take precaution when deciding to bring a new cat back home.

The importance of scent

To appreciate how cats communicate, we must understand the importance of scent. It’s incredible how well they use their scent to communicate. Every time you see your cat rubbing its cheek along an object, it is marking its scent. When cats rub each other, they are exchanging scents. Exchanging scents mean the cats are creating peace between each. It also allows them to create a familiar scent which enables security between the two felines.

New Cat/Kitten Tips

  1. Keep your cat separated at first you can do this by setting up an isolation room for your new cat/kitten.
  2. Ensure that your cats are still able to smell and hear each other, you can do this by feeding both cats on the other side of the door
  3. After 2 to 3 days switch their locations so they can get used to each other’s distinct smells
  4. You can also rub there smells against each other using the same material to mix their scents
  5. Cats also love the smell of catnip, purchase some catnip from pet’s palace and place it where your introduced cat is staying. This will help your other cat be distracted from the new cat smell. Click Here to check out some catnip we have in stock.
  6. You can start slowly introducing the cats to each other, don’t let them be too close to each other, bring them slowly closer every time you let them meet.
  7. Reward good and positive behaviours with treats. You can purchase a whole range of treats from our Pets Place store – Click Here.
  8. When you feel that your cats are ready to interact with each other place them in a room together in where they can see each other face to face and walk away
  9. Watch them from a distance away, they may hiss at each, growl this is normal, however, if they get aggressive take them away and try again later.
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