Your Pet’s Food and Water Bowls Should Be Cleaned Daily!

Posted by William Yap on 05 November, 2016

For the sake of your pet’s health and wellbeing, their food and water bowls must be cleaned on a daily basis. When left uncleaned for a few days, the bowl could attract a build up of bacteria, disease and mould. Your pets could get very sick from consuming food or water from the dirty bowl. It could even traumatise them from eating and drinking from the same source.

We are often guilty of simply adding water to a near-empty water bowl, instead of washing and refilling the bowl with fresh water. Topping up the water bowl doesn’t rid the bowl of the bacteria and fungus that have been growing in the bowl. 

When it comes to the food bowl, some say you could simply rinse the bowl with warm water when it’s only had dry food in it and wash it with soap at least every few days. When it comes to wet food, you do need to clean the bowl every day.

As inconvenient as it sounds, washing the food and water bowl DAILY with warm soapy water could save you from lots of inconveniences, time, money and stress in the future. Always ensure that the bowls are rinsed thoroughly. Consuming soap residues could upset your pet’s tummy. 

Also remember to clean areas around where the bowls are placed such as the floor and wall around the bowls, the feeding mats, and any placements used in securing the bowls.

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The few minutes it takes to clean is nothing compared to your happy and healthy furry friend!


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