Fun Dog Games to Improve your Pet's IQ

Posted by Pets Palace Staff on 16 May, 2021

Fun Dog Games to Improve Your Pet's IQ

Dog Fun

Playing fun games with your dog is not only satisfying and fulfilling as an owner, it also helps with your pet's brain health. Ever wondered how "clever" your pet is? Here are some great games to entertain you and your pet, while developing their ability to learn, remember and to anticipate - all important mental functions for a healthy pet. 


Fun With Dogs - Which Hand?

This is a very simple scent game which helps hone your dog or cat’s sense of smell by placing their favourite treats in the palm of your hands  and moving them around a little and then let them sniff out which hand you’ve placed the treats in. It's a bit like the magic trick where you have to follow the ball under one of three cups! 

Naturally, they have sharp noses, but as our beloved pets, they often do not need to use them. This game helps utilise their natural talent. We carry a fantastic range of healthy and tasty treats that will help make this a successful training game. 

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Dogs have been our comrades for centuries, as they love nothing more than being helpful (and the praise they get when they are). Teach them how to fetch your slippers, open doors, etc. There are many people these days that have assistance dogs who are trained to do a whole range of wonderful things to help their owner. 

Teaching Dogs Vocab!

Teach them the names of their toys. On average dogs can learn 165 words which is as much as a 2-year-old child can learn! Some even as much as 250, with a border collie called Chaser learning as many as 1000 (roughly as much as a 3-year-old child). 

Establish A Routine

Try to do some stimulating activity before feeding time. This will make them associate following your commands with the pleasure of food and will help you to remember to test them every day. Mix it up a bit and don’t always get them to sit for example.  Get them to roll over, or perhaps both so that they don't just anticipate what you are going to do. 

NOTE: Remember to clean your pets bowl regularly. Sounds silly saying that but it is really important for health  and hygiene.

Check our blog about cleaning food and water bowls.


Classic Fetch

This stimulates them physically and mentally and can bring so much pleasure to your dog. To add a further dose of adrenalin, get them to wait a bit after you throw the ball or toy you have thrown. Look the range of balls we have to suit all types of dogs.

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Help With The Tidying Up!

It is possible to teach your dog to put their toys away. Have one place, basket or box where all the toys live. At the end of the play, session get your dog to collect all the toys and place them in the box, for each toy they successfully clean up you can reward them with praise or treats. Hmmmm - I do wonder if I can teach mine do to help with the vacuuming!

So lots of great ideas to get you thinking about ways to keep your pet active, trained and alert. So try out the ones you like and remember, enjoy the time you have with your pet. 




Pic:  Dog Fetching Ball: Image Stephen Marc, Pixabay


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