How to Look After Your Pet This Summer

Posted by William Yap on 23 November, 2016

With the summer well on its way, we know how important it is to protect your pets from the heat. Here we have collated some of the top tips from the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation, to help you keep your pets happy and healthy this summer!


  1. WATER – It is important for your pets to have the access to water at any time. It is also worth providing multiple containers just in case one gets knocked over. It would be a good idea to put ice cubes in the containers too. Pop-up pet travel bowls can also be useful if you are on the move.


  1. WALKIES – Have you ever stepped on the hot cement or road in bare feet? It hurts right? Our pets’ feet are also very sensitive to this heat so to help them prevent burns, walk them in the early morning when it’s still cool or in the late evening when the ground has had the chance to cool down.


  1. EXERCISE – Furry pets are unable to sweat in the same way that humans do, so they have one less mechanism to cool down. Try to limit strenuous exercise, especially during the hottest time of the day and make sure they have plenty of shade and water.


  1. UV Protection – Pets with less and lighter fur can suffer from sunburn more easily than pets with thicker coats. Before you go out in the sun with your furry friends, make sure they are well protected with UV Protection Cream or are wearing a Rash Shirt.


  1. SWIMMING – Let your pets swim in a paddling pool or in a safe lake. Not only it will help them cool down, they will also get the exercise and fun time they needed. Don’t forget the UV Protection! If it is your pets first time in the water, ask your vet if your pet is ok to swim as some dog breeds cannot swim or are prone to issues when swimming. Pets Palace also sells specially designed life vests for dogs which are great for swimming or when you go boating. Call 02 9519 8777 for more information.


  1. FUR TRIM – Just like human wears thinner clothing during summer, our furry friends need to have their fur trimmed down. Do not shave it completely as the fur will protect your pets from the harsh UV sunlight. So a little groom always helps.
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