Tips For Purchasing The Right Dog Collar

Posted by Aroop Bannerjee on 23 November, 2023

Tips For Purchasing The Right Dog Collar

So it is time for a new for a dog collar. Great call, as it's an essential accessory for your furry friend but before you buy one, check out these important tips I want to share with you that will help you to purchase not only one that looks good but is appropriate. As the saying goes, collars ain’t collars!


Tips For Purchasing The Right Dog Collar

Pet ID: Make sure you have a collar that can have a name tag attached. If ever your doggo goes out for a little adventure on their own, a collar that wont fall off and that you had attached some contact details, will be a god send. First thing is to purchase that collar and then you can easily get a tag later and have it engraved.

Buckle Up: Double-check that the buckle mechanism is well constructed and is secure. You don't want any accidental escapes during playtime or walks. It your doggo does happen to pull, the last thing you want is for the buckle to open. Some will have a lock you can activate and this will further secure the buckle. Here at Pets Palace we make sure that every Dog Collar is going to be secure, whatever the brand. Here’s an example of a collar with a sturdy, well-made buckle.

Let’s Keep Clean: What doggo doesn’t get dirty? In fact most doggos are only really clean just after a bath, right? The point is that you want to make sure the collar you purchase is easy to keep clean. Some you can put into the washing machine and others are better to be hand washed. A quality collar will have 'washability' in mind for sure and generally speaking they are made from synthetic material or natural material with some synthetics added.

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Longevity: like anything really, we want things to last and investing in a collar that is well made and uses quality manufacturing techniques and materials, is generally going to last longer. A well-made collar will be able to cope with your doggos adventures and general day to day wear and tear.

Comfort: Look for collars made from soft materials to prevent rubbing or digging into the skin. You may prefer a Dog Collar that is padded for that extra softness or a more simple, but soft, design may be your preference. Consider the width of the collar as well. If it’s too thing for your doggo it may ‘cut in’ more and cause irritation.

Sizing: Tips For Purchasing The Right Dog Collar Measure your dog's neck accurately and check out the dimensions of the collar before you purchase. Most are adjustable. The fitting needs to be not to tight and not too loose – you should be able to easily put a couple of fingers between the collar and your doggos neck. The collar needs to be able to rotate around on the neck but not come off when gently pulled over the head. If you are unsure, then I suggest that you practice at home and test the collar and make sure your doggo isn’t going to do a Houdini!
Check this out for more information on fitting a collar:

Reflective Magic: If you're a fan of evening strolls, a collar with a reflective design may be the way to go. It just gives that extra level of visibility. Now one step further is to consider attaching a light to the collar and this can be done once you have the collar. Most will have a ring or a tag of some sort that you can attach the light.

Style Points: Let's not forget about fashion and style! Collars come in all shapes and designs and we want to have a bit of fun when it comes to dressing up Doggo. Take some time to match up a collar design that suits your doggos personality, or your personality or something send out the vibe you want to create. Also don’t forget about having something that will suit your doggos hair colour - some colours don’t look good on a dog while other colours can be a great match. Just like us right?

Control Freak: If your dog is an enthusiastic puller during walks, consider a harness for better control. They're a bit more gentle on your pup's neck, too. Now having said that, if your doggo is a bit of a puller, you may want to consider some training. Ideally you want your doggo to be well controlled regardless of whether it is a collar or a harness. But generally speaking a good collar is pretty much an essential for any doggos wardrobe.

I hope this blog gives you a few pointers to look out for when purchasing your Dog Collar. Check in store or our online shopping

If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you – as small business, we value our customers and want to help you and your pets as much as we can.




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