Caring for Senior Dogs

Posted by William Yap on 16 August, 2016

Caring for our pets as they get older can be difficult, but we are all willing to go that extra step for our furry friends out of love, respect and companionship. Our friends at Pets Palace have given us their top 5 tips for caring for senior dogs.

Schedule regular visits with your vet – A regular check-up ensures that you and your pet will be able to handle any irregular changes in health that come up, and ensure a proactive approach to managing your dog’s health.

Ask for a body condition evaluation during each vet visit – A body condition evaluation will allow you to determine your dog’s ideal body weight and ensure that your vet is up-to- date with your dog’s full physical health.

Feed your older dog a high quality diet – It helps to ensure that your dog is receiving the most vitamin and nutrients from their meals, and high quality diets help dogs avoid health issues that become more prevalent as they get older. 

Consider fortifying your senior dog’s diet with fatty acids such as DHA and EPA  These fatty acids have been shown to be incredibly beneficial to dog health and assists in mobility issues, arthritis and a myriad of other joint based diseases.

Exercise your senior dog – Exercising your dog can help him/her maintain healthy joints and muscles and ensure that they’re keeping fit. We recommend tailoring your dog’s exercise needs to his/her individual requirements.

Our tips are general helpful advice, however we recommend checking with your vet before changing your pets diet, giving them supplements or changing their exercise routines.
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