Making toilet training easier for puppies!

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 09 June, 2016

With every new puppy comes so much excitement and happiness but as any new dog owner knows, whether intentional or by learning, mistakes are bound to happen around the home.

But never fear, Pet Palace is here to make toilet training as easy as possible. With just a couple of simple steps we can help get your puppy started in toilet training using our extensive puppy pads range. Not only do puppy pads offer a short term solution to the indoor mess but they also offer a long term plan to help move this mess outside. Have a look at these training instructions to see how easy it is! 

Training Instructions

1. Place a pad in a space that’s small area your puppy is most likely to urinate in for a few days, for instance the lounge room. Dogs do not like to go to the toilet where they sleep, so move the pad away from their bed.

2. Place your puppy on the pad and give him or her a command to potty. Leave your puppy alone for a few minutes while she does her business.

3. Reward him or her with a few treats when she gets it right!

4. Continue doing this until your puppy starts using the pad on their own.

5. Of course there may still be some accidents so when this happens place your puppy on the pad and quietly clear up the mess they made. There is no need to punish them, they are already starting to learn not to poop on the floor.

6. Gradually move the pad toward the door and then outside to complete the training process.

Now that the stinky business is over you can concentrate on having fun! Pop down to our store or continue exploring our website to find other exciting products to make looking after your furry friends that bit easier.

We carry a wide range of products to help with your puppy’s training, from odour removal  to urination deterrents. Have a look at our online store to see how we can help!

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