Pet of the Month: Monty

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 27 October, 2015


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About Monty

Monty is Vivian's best friend and (very cute) shadow. They do everything together, even wear matching outfits!

(You can see Monty posing below looking super bad and just plain super!) 

Monty posingsuper monty

Monty and Vivian first met when Monty was 9 weeks old and she truly believes that he has changed her life for the better. Through the toughest times of her life, Vivian believes that Monty may have even been the one to have saved her life. (*sniff*)

Cute Monty

Monty fit right into the family when he arrived, as he met Ahri and Momo, Vivian's two cats.

Monty and Cat

He has a warm heart, cheek at times, smart and a well-behaved fellow. In fact he knows over 20 tricks at only 9 months old! (Care to teach us a few tricks on training Vivian?) Monty's favourite activities are going to the dog beach to meet other furries, eating snacks and playing in the kiddie pool when it's hot! (Sounds like the life!) He also loves his baths and has been known to fall asleep under the water!  

Monty BranchLeaf Monty Leaf Monty

We think Monty's quite hard not to love! No wonder Vivian snuggles with him every night, and the fact that they are so attached to one another is one thing she wouldn't change for the world!

One of the funniest stories about Monty was when he was a baby, he scared off a full grown German Shepherd! Monty had good intentions and only wanted to play with the German Shepherd but I guess Monty was too much to handle!  

Monty arms Monty ParkMonty dressup

Finally, one of Vivian's most memorable moments with Monty was when they went to the world's first ever Pug Wedding Melbourne. It was a charity event for Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria. They had so much fun seeing pugs, Jasper and Jasmine, become wedded for a great cause, to raise funds and awareness of rescue groups. 

Thanks Vivian, Monty, Ahri and Momo for sharing your stories, we loved every photo and moment you shared with us :) 

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