Pet of the Month: Hugo

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 22 September, 2015

The Pet of the month for September is Hugo! 

We've had an overwhelming response in our email inbox so thank you to everyone who submitted their entries! Your pet will still be in the draw for the following months. 


Hugo's mum, Bliss, sent us so many adorable photos it has been tough trying to choose the order of how to showcase him! 

Hugo is a 6-month-old boy that has brought so much happiness to his mum's life, and we can see why!

Hugo is a very loving pup who is so affectionate he loves enjoying movies on the couch with mum and especially cuddling up with mum at night time.

Hugo enjoys his daily walks at the dog park, where he meets other dogs. But he also enjoys chewing on a good ole' stick every now and then.

Finally, Hugo loves to express his love to mum at the beach by paddling in the water to fetch her some fresh seaweed (Which we think is absolutely adorable!) 

Thanks Hugo and Bliss for sending us your photos and sharing your lovely memories! We're honoured to share and feel like we are a part of them :)

The Team at Pets Palace


For other pet mums and dads who would like their story shared online for them to send around to friends and family: Please send us photos and stories that you share with your pet(s) either to our Facebook page or email:  

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