Is Your Dog or Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 27 July, 2015

The Facts


If humans are supposed to drink 8 cups of water everyday for our health, it isn't very surprising to hear that it's just as important for dogs. 

In fact, 80% of the dog and cat body is made of water!

This is a huge difference compared to humans that are made of 60% water. 

We can see why making sure our pet is drinking enough water is very important. 

As a rule of thumb, we can consider that for every kilo our dog weighs, they need 65mls of water. 

So, for example, a chihuahua that weighs 1.5kg would need 195mls of water a day. 

Or, an average German Shepherd male that weighs 35kg would need 2.3 litres a day.

What Happens?

If your dog or cat does not get enough water, it can lead to some serious health issues.

This is because water is what helps your pet function. Here are some ways it helps: 

- Water carries, moves and helps absorb important nutrients around the body.

- Water helps digestion, the brain, lungs, muscles and assists the blood flow through the veins. 

- Water flushes out toxins. If the water is not flushing out toxins, guess where the toxins go. They stay inside your pet. 

- Water also regulates your pets' body temperature. So when you see your dog panting, it is definitely time to get some water! 

- Without adequate water, in bad cases, organs can be damaged, and if for a long enough period, they will begin to shut down. 


We hope you remember to keep your pets bowl always full of fresh water, but also remember to keep your cup full too! 

Have you found any ways to make drinking water for yourself or your pet easier?

Let us know on our Facebook page and the good advice will be posted up and mentioned for the great advice! 

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Information Source : Pet MD and My Brown Newfies.

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