7 Ways to keep your dog or cat warm this winter!

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 30 June, 2015

It's that chilly time of the year and while we're always able to get rugged up, we've found 7 ways you can keep your pet warm too this winter!


1. A Hot Water Bottle goes a long way

To keep your pet comfortable and warm at night, a hot water bottle is a great idea. 

Keep in mind not to use water that is too hot just in case they chew through the container and end up burning themselves. A simple and cheap option is a plastic soft drink bottle filled with warm tap water covered with a towel, thick sock or a sleeve of an old woolen jumper work well. 


2. Warmed up rice packs

Another alternative is to fill up an old thick sock with rice. Heat the sock with rice in the microwave for a minute or two. Tie up the sock and it should be good to go! Another good thing about this option is the fact that even if your pet eats the rice they are safe. Remember that the sock must be thick in order to prevent burns. 


3. Vet Check

It is a good time to take your pet to the vet for a check up. This is especially true for the older pets that can find winter tough on their joints. Arthritis is a common cause for difficulty in pets during winter. Warmth is a great way to help ease their pain, but remember that medication plays a vital role in treating their arthritis. 


4. Location, location, location. 

If your pet's kennel is outside, they will need a warm one. A wooden kennel with an elevated floor is ideal. Placing thick bedding in the kennel for extra warmth is also a great idea. You can purchase rubber matting pieces from Bunnings here. 


5. A Good Bed

Winter is also a good time to consider replacing the worn out bed and blanket for your bed. Beds can come in many shapes and sizes. Check out our beds for dogs and cats for some ideas. 


6. Exercise 

Exercise is one of the best ways to warm up not only yourself but your pet also. You can see our walking collection for outdoor ventures and dog toys and cat toys for indoor exercise.   


7. A Good Coat goes a long way

Finally. a good coat can go a long way in ensuring that your pet stays warm all the time. Check out our dog clothing collection to see what look and warmth is available for your dog.  

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