13 Dog-friendly beaches in Australia!

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 15 April, 2015

We all love to take our dogs out to the beach, but it's always handy to know which beaches allow us to take our best friends out to enjoy the beach too!


Silver Beach, Kurnell 

Dogs Allowed Time: 24 hours a day off-leash, all week, between the third and fourth jetty. 

There is also a coffee shop nearby :) 


Clontarf Reserve, Clontarf

Dogs Allowed Time: 10am-6pm on-leash on weekends, school holidays and public holidays. 

There is a children's playground, BBQ grills, table seating and a great place for families. 


Greenhills Beach, Cronulla

Dogs Allowed Time: 4pm-10am off-leash daily. 

There is parking nearby. 


Yarranabbe Park, Darling Point 

Dogs Allowed Time: All times off-leash. 

There are stunning views of the city and the harbour bridge. 


Sirius Cove, Mosman 

Dogs Allowed Time: all day Monday to Friday, before 9am and after 4pm on weekends and public holidays. Off-leash.

Parking close by. 



Sandridge Beach, Melbourne

 Dogs Allowed Time: All times off-leash between the groyne (jetty-like rock formation) opposite Barak road and the groyne opposite Cumberland Road. 

There is a BBQ, playground and a great view of Port Philip Bay. 


Brighton Beach, Brighton 

Dogs Allowed Time: 1April - 31 October off-leash. 

The iconic bathing boxes. 



Palm Beach, Gold Coast

Dogs Allowed Time: all day on-leash, a 3km stretch of sand at the southern end of the beach is off-leash. 


Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast

Dogs Allowed Time: all-year round off-leash on a 1km stretch of beach at the northern end of Coolum Beach Holiday Park and extends up to Stumers Creek beach access 67 to 72. 

There are pet-friendly accommodation spots in the town :).



North Floreat Beach, City Beach

Dogs Allowed Time: All year round on-leash. 


Dog Beach, Hillarys

You can't go wrong with a name like this! 

Dogs Allowed Time: after midday Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday off-leash. 



Tyndall Beach, Bonnet Hill 

Dogs Allowed Time: All year round off-leash. 

Dog refuse bins and bags on-site. 



Henley Beach, Henley Beach

Dogs Allowed Time: During daylight savings, 10am-8pm on-leash. Other times, all times off-leash. 

Great cafes and food! 


Information Source: http://bit.ly/1C5PLju 


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