Thinking of Adopting a Dog?

Posted by Bonnie Senior on 28 November, 2014

We love to see abandoned and lost pets find new homes. That's why we love the fantastic work that Sydney Dogs and Cats Home does. In fact we partner with Sydney Dogs and Cats Home by having some of their kittens in-store for adoption.  

But when adopting a new dog what should we consider?  

1. Think about their personality and experience over their breed and age

We all love puppies and how cute they are. However, many dogs are in fact given up for financial reasons rather than behavioural problems. One way to ensure your future dog is great with the kids is to adopt a dog that has lived with kids (or whatever trait that you are looking for). 

2. Energy Levels

As the demand for apartments continues to grow, yet you still want a high-energy dog, here is some food for thought. If living in an apartment with a high-energy dog, you must be able to provide them with enough physical and mental stimulation by taking them for daily walk, daycare visits etc. If you can't commit to these things, then you should consider a lower-energy dog to ensure you will be their forever home.

So if you're on the look out for a new doggy family member, please consider adopting from great places such as Sydney Dogs and Cat's Home. You're not only helping the dog that will become a part of your family, you'll also be helping the rescue of other animals in need.

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