Ziwi Peak Provenance Otago Valley Dog Food 900g

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Only Containing a highly nutritious blend including beef, venison lamb, southern blue whiting and hoki.

900g air- dry food


Ziwi Peaks range of raw-inspired recipes and toppers are hand-crafted in small batches using the finest quality New Zealand ingredients.

Containing free-range and grass-fed beef, venison, and lamb, along with wild-caught hoki and southern blue whiting - Ziwi Provenance Otago Valley is perfect for carnivorous dogs. Ziwi uses a natural air-dried process which retains the nutrients of the raw ingredients and extends the shelf life eliminating the need for preservatives. The inclusion of superfoods including cold-washed green tripe and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel promotes joint, skin and coat health.

Complete and balanced natural diet for dogs
Contains 96% meat, seafood, bones and organs for a protein-rich diet
Offers the benefits of a raw, carnivorous diet with the convenience of dry food
Ethically sourced ingredients including free-range and grass-fed meats and sustainable seafood
Superfood blend including green tripe, NZ Green Lipped Mussels and kelp
Free from grains, potatoes and legumes
Can be served as a topper or a complete meal


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