Temptations Cat Treats

Shake Shake Shake! Just a shake of this bag of scrumptious Temptations Cat Treats, and your cat will come running! Made in 3 divine flavours: Tasty Chicken, Seafood Medley and Hearty Beef, are the perfect melt on the tongue treat to make your cat fee; loved and adored.

With a crunchy outside and smooth soft middle flavoured filling, these two textures are heaven on earth for all of our feline friends, and for those kitty cats on a diet-no problem!

These treats are only 2 calories each, so all cats can enjoy whether on a diet or not, and they meet the nutritional standard for adult cats according to the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), so you know they're a safe and healthy option.

These treats, as well as being delicious, are healthy as well, with a high protein content and with added vitamins and minerals to support your cats day to day fulfilment. Come and get your lil 85g packets of joy now!


Crude Protein 30% min (protein up time!)

Crude Fat 17% min

Crude Fibre 4.5%  max

Ingredients Include:

Chicken & Beef by-products, corn, rice, wheat flour, flavours (including salmon, tuna, scallop). Dried yeast, vitamins, salt, taurine, antioxidants, colour, cheese powder.






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