Studded Design Dog Collar

Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.

Dimensions (approx)
Width: 1.25”
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 100gm


This dog collar is a perfect gift for your dog’s loyalty and love
Uniquely design by putting shiny double sided dooms to give your dog that elegant and classy look
D-ring is not fixed, it will move with the leash, so the dog won’t entangle itself by going into weird positions
Collar have 5 holes, each hole is ¾” apart instead of 1” for just in case situation, makes it much easier to find that perfect fit
Made from top quality full grain leather, buckles and D-ring and dooms are made of brass with an antique and nickel finish, each collar have one D-ring and around 40 to 60 dooms depending on size, 2 rivets are used to fixed the buckle in place
May vary in colors due to natural oils in leather and in appearance due to the natural marking on animal
Avoid from sea water and chlorinated pools to increase life 
*natural marking add character to the product and is a proof of full grain leather see the quality section to know more about different leather types


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