Sporn Marrow Bone Chew Dog Toy

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Sporn Marrow Bone Chew Dog Toy

Sporn Marrow Bone Chew Dog Toys are chewable nylon bones with "Peanut Butter Flavor Down the Middle!" Perfect for strong chewers, nylon shavings act like a toothbrush and help remove tartar from the dog's teeth. Unlike traditional rawhide bones, this bone will last! Marrow™ Chew Bones are available in 5 sizes to suit every size dog.

• Encourages non-destructive chewing habits
• Durable and long-lasting
• Helps remove tartar from dog's teeth
• Peanut Butter flavored 
• Multiple sizes available to suit every sized dog

Water, Maltodextrin, Acetylated Distarch Adipate, Vegetable Oil, Starch, Caramel, D-xylose, Flavor, Salt, Nisin.

Large: Recommended for dogs between 18-36kg 

approx: 19cm long, 2.5cm wide 

This size is not for a power chewer.

Precautions: Please monitor your dog for safe chewing at all times. Although Marrow Chews are non-toxic, they are not intended for consumption. If any tiny pieces are ingested, they should pass safely; there is no need for concern. Discard bone if it appears a larger piece could break off. Larger chunks may not pass safely if ingested.


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