RAC Dog Seat Belt

RAC Dog Seat Belt 

It is against the law in some states to travel with your without some restraint and the fines can be quite substantial. These RAC harnesses are strong, lightweight and feature a padded chest to make it comfortable to wear.

The RAC Dog Seat Belt is the ideal way to secure your beloved pet, making for a safe journey and (fine -free!)


Comfort is assured with a soft nylon padded chest piece and the product is well made, making it strong and resilient.

The materials are also light weight. 

Your dog can stand or sit by adjusting the straps.


The surface area of the belt is increased so that in the event of an accident, the body weight is more evenly distributed, thus increasing the safety for your doggo. 

RAC Dog Seat Belt fits most car seat belt systems

With your dog secured, distractions are reduced making your driving more safe

Doubles As Harness

This item can also be used as a harness for walking your dog. 

Sizes (approximate girth in cm)

Small: 30-41 eg: Yorkshire Terrier

Large: 51 - 76 eg: Dalmatian

X Large: 56-89 eg: Golden Retriever

Key features are:

– Soft nylon pad for optimal comfort

– Larger surface area helps to spread the mass of the dog in case of emergency/ sudden stops

– Fully adjustable strap allows for comfortable seating and standing

– Fits most car seat belt systems

– Can double up as a reliable walking harness



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