Zolux Slicker Dog Brush

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Zolux Slicker Dog Brush


Zolux Slicker Dog Brush is the perfect adaptable brush that will help keep your doggo looking beautiful! 


It’s designed with retractable teeth that allow you to keep the brush super clean. 

After every brush you can easily remove the hair left on the brush with a little push.


The brush itself is made of fine wire teeth, suitable for all types of hair, whether you have a poodle or a terrier.

Its fine wire means its thin enough to comb all coat types and without any discomfort to your pup.  


And don't worry, if you have a tangly one, this is great for detangling & removing hair that is loose!


Size (approximate)


head of brush: 9 x 6 cm

Handle: 11 cm




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