Prestige Mountain Dog Lead

Prestige Mountain Dog Lead

Looking for a sturdy lead to bring your doggo on adventures out and about, well this Prestige Mountain Dog Lead is perfect for bringing your pup on adventures in the parks, mountains...anywhere you desire!

This is our most popular dog leash - practicle, durable, great price.

Made of thick soft rope, this lead assures security, and it's stainless steel buckle also ensures that you're doggo is tightly secured to this pretty and practical lead. Coming in a variety of colours, you can pick to your fancy, and in a few lengths so you can decide how much control you want to have on your walks out.

Materials: Nylon core with a soft and pliable nylon braided over the top for a really smooth finish.

Colours: Bright, attractive and easy to match with collars and harnesses. The colours are not solid - there are flecks of other colours which give the leashes a more stylish and modern look. 

-Stylish Black
-Classic Blue
-Super Red
-Regal Purple
-Fun Turquoise


183cm (when you need slightly longer)
122 cm (most popular).
Width 13mm.



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