M Pets Discuss Cat Toy

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M Pets Discuss Cat Toy

Do the typical wand and catnip toys not keep your smart feline friend busy enough? Well for all of those extra playful and smart lil cats we've got a new toy in stock, M Pets Discuss Cat Toy.

This donut shaped discuss, with a feather in the middle and two belled balls within the donut shape, mean your cat could be tossing about these balls for hours on end...a never-ending game since these balls won't come out no matter how hard they try!

This light toy, made from sturdy safe plastic, with its adjustable tracks and perfect size, it is a great toy for kittens and older cats alike, and is safe from any choking hazards, perfect for when you can't be some to supervise.

Come grab one of these limited discuss wonders from our shops now!


Choose form Green, Blue or Yellow

Size (approximate cm)

24 diameter

7 high



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