Love'em Purrfect Cat Treats

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Love'em  Purrfect Cat Treats

These Love'em Purrfect Cat says it in the name! They are simply going to love’em!


Made from the highest quality beef liver, these treats are low  in fat and sodium, high in essential vitamins and minerals for your cat (organs really are the best meats!) and full of flavour to entice your furry feline friends.

Developed by a feline treat expert, Dr Marie Rowe, it is guaranteed your cat will be drooling over these, and you can be assured that they are healthy and of high quality since the only ingredients are:

Ozzie wheat flour, Ozzie Beef Liver, humectants, starch, salt, food acid, antioxidants, vitamin C.

These aren’t like most treats that contain 30+ ingredients (mostly bad stuff), no these treats are simple and healthy and that's that.

Coming in 90 gram packs, they are easy to bring around outdoors, if you’re cat loves nature, and to make sure they stay fresh so when you finish a pack you have many more to go!

100% Australian owned and made, these treats are proud to serve your little kitty’s!


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