Inaba Churu Chicken Cat Treats

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Inaba Churu Chicken Cat Treats

Japanese love their cats, and look after them very well, and this is why these Inaba Churu Chicken Cat Treats can be assured to be of the highest quality for our spoilt little cats.

So what are Churu bites?
Churu Bites are soft, pillow-shaped natural chicken treats seasoned with natural flavours, green tea extract and vitamin E, without any artificial flavours or preservatives or grains, to assure the bets digestion and health for all cats.
Each package includes three individual packs to maintain maximum freshness, so you’ll never need to worry about them going off, or forgetting them in the fridge...which does happen sometimes!

As you can see, these are made with real tuna, from both farmed and wild sources, with a creamy Churu® filling inside and soft baked chicken paste outside. 2 different textures in one bite? Even the fussiest of cats won’t object to that!

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