Gigwi Bulb Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

Gigwi  Bulb Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

The Gigwi  Bulb Treat Dispenser Dog Toy is for some good old chewing with the added excitement of dispensing treats or getting Doggo to 'work' at releasing the hidden yummy delights you choose to put inside. 

Because of the shape, the dispenser has a very random movement which only adds to the fun and pleasure and promote the hunting instincts, keeping them active and alert. 

Oral health is promoted with all the grooves in the bulb. You can also fill these spaces with treats or wet food that will keep Doggo entertained for ages!

Rubber flaps to prevent treats easily falling out and this  allows for long integration time. 

Can help with separation anxiety
The rubber is thick and strong making it most durable. 
Non toxic
Material: 100% Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


Medium - Red
Large - Black

Dispenser Size (approx)
Large: high 12cm, 8cm at widest.
Medium: high 10cm, 6.5cm at widest point

Dog Size:
Large Size For Dogs 27-45Kgs; 
Medium Size For Dogs 15-27Kgs


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