Fuzzyard Dog Harness Jiggy

Fuzzyard Dog Harness Jiggy

Looking for an artsy harness to express the creative juices that flow through your little pups? Well Fuzzyard Dog Harness Jiggy is the one for you!

Styled in a paint brush stroke design, in baby blue and cotton candy pink with dashes of orange and black, with this unique colour contrast, it's undeniable that this is a harness for a fashion-conscious doggy to strut around your neighbourhood, turning heads! 

Quality Jiggy Dog Harness

This is the best Jiggy dog harness, providing comfort and style. It's made of a light mesh which allows your doggo to breathe, and allowing the harness to keep its great texture even after being washed many times! The shine on the top fabric mimics that of silk, because we only want the best for our little furry customers!

Fuzzyard Jiggy Harnesses for Dogs is a product that is well constructed and made from materials that are long lasting. The material is 100% polyester making the harness strong, durable and easy to keep clean and there is a strong D-ring for attaching your lead.

See the two size chart pics and take your dog's measurements as per diagram. One around the neck (A) and one around the chest, where the harness straps will go (B).

Then match up these dimensions with the specific sizes.  Note that the measurement around the neck cannot be adjusted, but the straps around the chest allow for increasing or decreasing the chest size. 


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