Fuzzyard Chocolate Almond Milk Dog Toy

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Fuzzyard Chocolate Almond Milk Dog Toy

Looking for a delicious toy for your little pup? Fuzzyard chocolate almond milk dog toy will Keep your dog active for sure! Made from super-soft and non-toxic acrylic fibre, your dog can safely enjoy playtime and if they bite just in the right spot, they will be delighted with a SQUEAK!

The delicious milk carton is a toy that your dog will love to toss around and it has a squeaker for maximum interaction.

Machine washable so you are able to keep it fresh so your pooch can continue to be entertained and play.


Size: approximate

Height 17 cm

Depth 6 cm

Width 8 cm






For a sweet treat, pups can now enjoy the BEST chocolate almond milk to ever hit the shelves. 

Measurements: 20cm x 9cm x 7cm

Material: 100% Polyester fibre with squeaker.

Colour-safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, machine washable




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