Fuzzyard Donuts Cat Toy

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Fuzzyard Donuts Cat Toy

Fuzzyard donuts cat toy brings three times the delight for your Kitty Cat!

Connected buy a soft chord,  the three donuts are made of soft polyester fibre, and two have pink icing and one has chocolate coloured icing.

Now these donuts are extra special as they contain catnip - helping to make sure Kitty enjoys hours of fun, interactive  play. 


Size approximate:

Donut across - 6 cm

chord linking them 6 cm



Three donuts are better than one! Filled with premium catnip and held together by a string for maximum interaction as well as a crinkling texture that will spark curiosity, this trio of plush donuts is one of the best boredom busters for your cat and is sure to provide them with hours of entertainment. Perfect for active play, solo, or with a paw-rent! All designed in Australia.

- Trio of plush toys connected by a string for maximum interaction!
- Catnip inside each toy!
- Designed in Australia 


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