Coralpina Step In Dog Harness

Coralpina Step In Dog Harness

When you are looking for a quality made harness, one that is super comfortable, practical and stylish, the  Coralpina Step In Dog Harness might be just what you are looking for.

Very tastefully designed with smart colours, this harness is easy to wear and simple to clean. You doggs movements are not hindered in any way and this allows them to feel more at ease and 'free', lending itself to a great training harness as well as every day use. 

Quality Italian Made

Colourful and strong soft mesh
No stitching on edges
Double reflective finish for night visibility 
Fit & Go locked system
Easily hand washable materials with trendy colours
Accurate seams to minimise rubbing 
8 size from 1 to 25kg
No scraping surface in direct contact with the skin
Wider girth strip for higher comfort
Perfect weight distribution
Non-allergenic materials


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