Fuzzyard Avocatos Cat Toy

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Fuzzyard Avocatos Cat Toy

Fuzzyard Avocatos Cat Toy will entertain and occupy your kitty cat for hours with triple the enticing fun!

Three little avocats linked by chord contain crinkle that sounds wonderful to your cats ears as they play.

Catnip also encourages your kitty to play and keep interested


Colours: luscious shades of fresh green

Materials: polyester fibres

Size approximate: 

advocats 5x4x3 cm

chord between them 5.5cm




Bring out your cat’s playful side with our Avocatos plush cat toys. This trio of plush creatures attached by a string will keep all of those cool cats and kittens entertained for hours. The crinkle sounds will instantly spark curiosity and the premium catnip will keep your cat coming back for more.


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