Kong Air Dog Toy Squeaker Football

Kong Air Dog Toy Squeaker Football

Kong Air Dog Toy Squeaker Football isn't just any football. It combines tow dog-enticing designs. The ball and the squeak!

It's designed to be really durable and able to withstand your dog's teeth and endless hours of enthusiastic play!

The ball is non-abrasive meaning that it is gentle on teeth and gums while also being resistant against bighting and play time. This is different to what normal tennis balls are made from. When squeezed, the ball squeaks only to add further excitement for your doggo! So you kick, they go madly chasing, chewing, retrieving, squeaking and hopefully you all have a fun, fun time of play!


Sizes (approximate cm)

Small 8.5 x 5

Medium 15 x 8

Large 19 x 10

=======================================================================================Always thought your dog was the sporty type? Well why not get them their very own footy ball! Can't get any more Aussie than that...The KONG AirDog Football combines two classic dog toys — the tennis ball and the squeaker toy — to create an instantly recognizable football shape that’s the perfect fetch toy. The durable, high-quality AirDog Football will not wear down your dog’s teeth, no matter how hard they try, and this shape makes it the perfect ball to throw far and high into the air, for our fast doggos that can speed across the park like lightning. This footy style toy  is made with a special non-abrasive felt, compared to the abrasive material on normal tennis balls, so that it doesn't harm the teeth or gums of your pups, won't break apart if they chew it and will last longer! So invest in these toys now, we promise KONG won't dissapoint you...

Available in 3 sizes:

Small 8.5cm long x 5cm wide

Medium 16cm long x9cm wide

Large 19cm long x 10cm wide


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