Comfortis Flea Treatment For Dogs

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Comfortis  Flea Treatment For Dogs

Comfortis flea treatment for dogs

best flea treatment for dogs 

Comfortis flea treatment for dogs is the perfect medication to treat and prevent fleas. 

This medication works really fast, it is safe and very effective as it can, according to studies, kill 100% of the fleas on your doggo! 

Some would even say this is the best flea treatment for dogs on the market. Comfortis is a well trusted name for sure. 

Comfortis can be used for cats as well as dogs for fleas (see details below).

Also controls flea allergy dermatitis in dogs



Cat weight 2.8 - 5.4 kg use dog weight medication 4.6 - 9 kg

Cat weight 5.5 - 11.2 kg use dog weight medication 9.1 -18 kg



Works within 30 mins!

Chewable tasty, tablets


Once a month treatment 



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