Pioneer Pet Raindrop Dog & Cat Water Fountain


Pioneer Pet Raindrop Dog & Cat Water Fountain

The clever design of the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Dog & Cat Water Fountain is contemporary so that it will suit almost any decor and it is exceptional value. Your dog or cat will just love the gentle trickling sounds and will delight is wondering over to quench their thirst.

The top section has the water trickling from it which attracts doggo or kitty, enticing them to keep hydrated.

Filter: there is also a replaceable charcoal filter for water purification.

Base: The base is able to hold 1.77 litres of water and has a wide area for your pet to easily drink from. Now if you kitty or doggo is the inquisitive type, they love to drink from the water flow at the top!

Pump: There is a quiet pump included that circulates and oxygenates the water, helping it to stay fresh.

Power: The power chord is 1.82 m long with a UL listed power system. It plugs into Australian power socket. 

Cleaning: Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Material: The top and base are made from a strong plastic which is why the price is so reasonable, providing excellent value. Regardless of what your pet's water is in, make sure it is changed at least once a day. 

Size: approximately 30 x 23 at its two widest points. 


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