Tickless Pet Tick & Flea Repellent

TICKLESS is Europe’s number one non-toxic parasite deterrent. It keep ticks and fleas away for 12-months without the use of chemicals. Each pendant is suitable for all sizes so you can choose the colour you like best!

A pendant emits a series of ultrasonic pulses that interfere with a tick and fleas ability to orient itself and identify food, within a range of 1.5 metres. It’s completely harmless and imperceptible to animals and people, including children and pets of all sizes and ages.

TICKLESS Pet keeps ticks and fleas away without the use of dangerous chemicals. By fastening the easy-to-use, tiny device onto your cat or dog’s collar, parasites can be kept away for up to 9-12 months after activation, leaving you and your pet free to enjoy nature.

The device emits ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and pets, but interfere with the ability of the parasites to orient themselves, thus keeping them away from your pet. The operating range is approximately 1.5 meters. The device is primarily intended for preventive purposes. Environmentally friendly, contains no chemicals or fragrances, making it safe even for young animals, as well as for elderly, ill, or pregnant pets.


Place the device on the collar with the grid part facing away from the animal’s body. Remove the tab to activate the device. 4 red flashes will indicate that the device is powered on. You can verify its continued operation at any time by pressing the button once and confirming that the LED flashes in response. While not waterproof, the product is highly resistant to moisture (IP13). If the device gets wet, it should be dried immediately to prevent water damage. Due to its small size, keep out of reach of young children.

At normal temperatures, the device can keep parasites away for 9-12 months after activation.

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