Science Diet Small Paws Adult Dog Food

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Science Diet Small Paws Adult Dog Food

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Size: 1.5kg

Designed for the smaller pooch, Science Diet Small Paws Adult Dog Food is easy to digest with ingredients that suit a smaller breed. The kibble size is suited for your doggos smaller mouth. Contains high quality protein, vitamin E, omega fats to promote a healthy coat and skin.

Your little dog is still a full-grown canine, so make sure your small or toy breed dog has the precise nutrition Science Diet Small Paws Adult Dog Food. This pet food is made with easy-to-digest ingredients that are specially formulated for a little dogs stomach. 

The small kibble is suited for a little canine mouth, with high-quality protein for lean muscle maintenance, plus nourishing omega-6s and vitamin e to promote healthy skin and a healthy coat. 

To support your tiny dogs immune system, this dog food made with natural ingredients contains a proprietary antioxidant blend that will promote lifelong health for your adult small breed dog.


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