Save Your Lawn with Dog Rocks

100% natural Dog Rocks are an all natural product of Australia. When placed in your dog's water bowl they can help stop those nasty burn patches on your lawn which are caused by dog urine. Dog Rocks are made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock. When placed into your dog's water bowl, these rocks will remove any nitrates and tin found naturally in water. This will give your dog a cleaner, healthier source of water supply.

Dog Rocks do not alter the PH urine balance in any way. Dog Rocks are not uniform size and differ from pack to pack in content because they are entirely natural. There are no harmful effects on dogs through the use of Dog Rocks where directions are followed.

Simply remove from the pack and rinse, fill your dogs bowl with no more than 2 litres of water and add all rinsed Dog Rocks to your pooch's bowl. You should start to notice a change in your lawns appearance within 5 weeks. New patches should not appear! For best results, replace Dog Rocks every two months and ensure your dog's water bowl is its main source of water. Top up each evening and replace every few days. 

Available in 200g or 600g bags.


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