Royal Canin Indoor Mature 27 Cat Food 1.5kg

Royal Canin Indoor Mature 27 provides your cat with all the health benefits to suit their lifestyle whilst also catering to their age. This diet features an Age Support Complex with an exclusive combination of antioxidants to help maintain the vitality of your cat as they age. It also has a reduced phosphorus and sodium content which helps support kidney and heart function. This is a highly digestible diet which is great for reducing faecal smells. It's great for sensitive teeth and gums and even helps maintain your cat's urinary health thanks to an adequate mineral balance. With all the benefits of this diet the only thing you'll have to worry about is how to stop your cat purring with delight! Using the recommended serving size this size should last approximately 27 days. Suitable for cats 10 years and older. Royal Canin has a philosophy of knowledge and respect for animals which means they've made this food only considering what is best for the health of your cat. 1.5kg size.

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