Rogz Tumbler Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

Rogz Tumbler Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

New from Rogz - A Treat Puzzle with adjustable levels! This cleverly designed treat dispensing Puzzle toy is made so that YOU decide the difficulty level and rate of release of dog treats, isn't that just perfect for challenging your smart pup?

So how does it work? The Rogz Tumbler has a large cavity that you fill with treats or dry food for your Dog, easy as that, and they do the rest of the work! The unique inner ring counterweight allows you to adjust the rate at which the treats release so you can make it easy, Moderate or Difficult. What else could you want? This could keep your pups entertained for hours! The Tumbler also makes a great Slow Feeder for dogs that gulp their more choking on that yummy grub....
Furthermore, if you're at all into physics, the Counter weight enables erratic motion when rolling around so the treats will dispense at different rates, incredible right? We know so!
The Rogz Tumbler dog toy is available in a variety of Colours to match your home and the personality of your doggo....just as a summary we have below the main features and the sizes (in cm) of the toys. Don't wanna miss out on all this fun!

Features of the Rogz Tumbler
• 3 Adjustable Levels.
• Slow Feed, helps to stop bloat and guzzling.
• Wiggle motion - Erratic
• Dishwasher Safe - Top Rack.
• Comes in Stunning Bright Colours.

Size of the Rogz Tumbler
Medium - 12cm Diameter, Volume 650ml


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