Neovet Cat Worming Flea Medication

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Neovet  Cat Worming Flea Medication

Neovet  Cat Worming Flea Medication is a lower cost, generic alternative to other medications - and yet can do the same thing! This is a topical application for fleas and worms.

For cats over 4 kg

Pack contains 6 tubes - 1 per month for 6 months

Approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. NO: 86499/115902

 Fleas: used for the treatment and prevention of fleas and reduces flea allergy dermatitis. The flea larvae are also killed. 

Heart Worm: used for the prevention of heart worm.

Also treatment and prevention of the following: roundworm, hookworms, ear mites, lung worm.

Liquid /application:  This medication is a gel in small tubules making application super easy. It is also water resistant. 

Active constituents: imidaclopid and moxidectin



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