MacGyver harness Jacket SAGE

Due to the overwhelming love for our 2019 MacGyvers, we just HAD to release some new colours. Still just as stylish and functional as our previous design.

Made with a ribbed knit underbelly and a quilted puffer jacket, the Macgyver Jacket combines the functionality of a harness with the style and comfort of a jacket. It's as easy as step, zip and clip.

Keep your pup warm and still go for walks in this totally multi-functional jacket. What to chill at home? No worries, the MacGyver is still comfortable and cosy for nights in on the couch.

 Lilo the staffy pup wears a size 4
Yori the toy poodle wears a size 1
Teddy the cavoodle pup wears a size 1

Material: Polyester. Non-toxic, non-allergenic
Care Instructions: Gentle Machine washable

Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.


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