Long Throws Basketball Dog Toy

Long Throw Basketball Dog Toy

Does your dog liker to play basketball? Well they can really get into their own game with these Long Throw Basketball Dog Toy, from Numnbell. For added fun, the ball has a bell inside, jinggling as it rolls about, resulting in so much fun!

There are a variety of colours to choose from: Blue, Lime Green and Orange


Made from a durable synthetic material that is soft and bouncy. 

there is a 2 cm hole in the ball that allows the bell to be clearly heard and also allows for some treats to be put inside for even more pleasurable play as your doggos attempts to retrieve the treat inside.

The ball is attached to a 23 cm long nylon rope including a loop at the end for a secure grip as you twirl the ball around, building up velocity, before you launch it away for a mighty chase by your doggo! 

Size com:

Approximately 8.5 across.


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