Kazoo Striped Staffy Jumper Olive & Brown

KAZOO STAFFY JUMPER – Striped – Olive and Brown

Designed specifically with those doggos with broad chests in mind, the Kazoo Staffy Jumper is made with a wider cut and collar. Being one of those classic looking styles that fits each and every breed of dog out there, the woolly material is soft and comfortable, which makes the warmth provided by the jumper to be stable and locked in place. 

Two straps at the tail end of the jumper receive each of the rear legs, which hold the jumper securely in place. Further taking this security are the elasticated edges at each of the openings (head, front 2 legs, and tail end) that hold on to your doggo and make sure that no draft of wind is able to makes its way between the jumper and your dog, disturbing their haven of warmth, comfort and security.  

It’s easy to clean as well, only requiring a cold machine wash. 

Designed in Australia   

Colour: Olive and Brown  

Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.


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