FuzzYard Dog Collar Mahalo Collar

These Mahalo collars are the perfect accesory to make your walks as breezy as a leaf in the wind. This mahalo print will take you back to a tropical paradise with it's gorgeous blue and green leafy design. And whats more? Every collar features a sturdy die-cast attachment ring and thick cushioned webbing for durability and a comfortable fit. Complete the look by matching your dog’s collar with its companion lead or walking harness. The spongy neoprene collar is lightweight, won't rub on your dog's fur and is quick to dry. Too easy right? 

• Small: 25-38cm (9.8-14.9 inch) / width - 15mm
• Medium: 32-50cm (12.5-19.6 inch) / width - 20mm
• Large: 50-65cm (19.6-25.5 inch) / width - 25mm

Material: Neoprene with nylon webbing.
Plastic buckle/keeper.
Stainless Steel attachment ring.


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