Pet Bowl Fuzzyard Go Nuts For Donuts

Pet Bowl Fuzzyard Go Nuts For Donuts you love Donuts? We certainly do!  And while the day that we start making doggo donuts is still to come, why not give them the next best thing - a pet bowl form Fuzzyard  - Go Nuts For Donuts!

Fuzzyard Go Nuts For Donuts Dog Water Bowl

Great as a dog water bowl, or grub bowl, the fuzzyard go nuts for donuts has an  elegant cream background with adorable pink and blue little donuts that complement the bowl and to add a sweet little touch, complementing the cuteness of your little furry one!

Quality Stainless Stainless Steel

As well as being simply delicious, we make sure that the bowls that will contain your doggos delicious grub is only made from the best quality stainless steel and is BPA free! Available in small, medium and large-there is simply so much to go nuts over! So do-nut miss out on grabbing one of these sweet bowls today......



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