Bravecto For Ticks & Fleas Dogs

Bravecto For Ticks & Fleas On Dogs

Ticks on dogs / flea and tick treatment for dogs

This flea and tick treatment for dogs  is for the treatment as well as preventing fleas and for ticks on dogs.

Yes, it protects your dog from the deadly paralysis ticks for 3 months and treats preexisting infestations. 


Starts working in 8 hours & protects for 3 months

ticks on dogs

Tick Paralysis

Protects for 4 months

Starts working in 24 hrs

Brown Dog Ticks

Protection for 2 months

Bush Tick

Protection for 2 months

Mites & Mange

Treatment and control of these conditions after one treatment

Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Medication also helps treatment of this skin condition by controlling the adult fleas. 


Pack of 2 chew tablets

Chewable Tablets that taste great (so we have been told!) allows for easy, no fuss administration

Long action time of medication means that you don't have to sorry about regular dosing to protect your doggo. This means they can stay protected all year long more easily. 

The Benefits

Fewer doses means it's easier to remember

You can relax knowing with one dose your doogo is protected for 3 months against fleas and 4 for dangerous paralysis ticks.

Easy administration with tasty chew tablet



Not advised for use in pupps or dogs less than 2 kg. 

 Safe for breeding dog, lactating and pregnant dogs


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