Yours Droolly Training Pads 30pk

  • Great for toilet training puppies and kittens
  • Can be used to assist in the management of elderly pets with incontinence
  • Perfect as  a litter box or pet carry crate liner
  • Great to place under food and water bowls to control spills
  • Can absorb up to 3 cups of liquid
  • Handy positioning tabs – sticky tabs to lock the pads in position
  • Each pad has 5 layers of liquid control and protection
  • Absorbent top sheets to prevent messy tracking by  funnelling and drawing in wetness, then  trapping it within the pad
  • Super Absorbent Core rapidly absorbs the liquid, keeping the surface layer dry to touch in a minute and eliminating tracking on paws
  • The bottom 2 layers are liquid locking and protection layers, to prevent leakage onto floors or the surfaces under the mat


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