Fuzzyard Grape Dog Collar

Fuzzyard Grape Dog Collar

You'd be forgiven thinking that your sitting sown to a lovely glass or merlot when you see this Fuzzyard Grape Dog Collar.

However, it is a gorgeous coloured collar to add fashion pizzazz to ang doggos outfit, especially with a matching lead.

Size and materials - see pictures for all the details and in the meantime, drink in this rich purple fashion statement!




Purple....a colour that is foever fun and classy, and thats why if you're someone who likes simple elegance and a good time, why not get a vibrant, purple collar to match that! On these Fuzzyard collars, the spongy neoprene collar is lightweight, won't rub on your dog's fur and is quick to dry, ensuring it will last quite a while, and with the stainless steel buckle, youre sure not to lose your pups!

  • Small: 25-38cm (9.8-14.9 inch) / width - 15mm
  • Medium: 32-50cm (12.5-19.6 inch) / width - 20mm
  • Large: 50-65cm (19.6-25.5 inch) / width - 25mm

Material: Neoprene with nylon webbing. Plastic buckle/keeper. Stainless Steel attachment ring.

Care: We recommend hand washing.


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