Virbac Wound Guard 50mL

1. Aids healing

Treats wounds & helps prevent infection. Wound-Gard contains

chlorhexidine which is especially effective against gram positive

bacteria & also capable of killing gram negative bacteria. It also

contains phenoxyethanol which is especially effective against gram

negative bacteria including pseudomonas.

2. Anti-chew effect

Strongly bitter taste dissuades the animal from licking the wound and

biting at sutures. Wounds left alone by the animal can heal quicker.

3. Mild local anaesthetic properties

The menthol in Wound-Gard offers antipruritic, mild local anaesthetic

& counter-irritant properties. This prevents self-mutilation,

encouraging normal wound healing.

4. Safe & easy to use

Ideal for all dog and cat owners! Comes in a 50ml spray bottle. 


Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.


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